Yes, You Need a Business Website

Yes, You Need a Business Website

Why do you need a business website?

Statistics show over 81% of customers will search for your business online before making a buying decision. That’s why every business needs to have a website where potential customers can check out their products and services. Let’s say I want someone introduced me to a new cosmetic product and tells me the product is great for my skin. I’d want to check out myself, and the first place I’ll head to is the official website for the product. If I find no official website for that product, I might get skeptical about buying that product. I’m pretty sure you’d be too.

A website gives your business credibility, while also giving people the impression you’re an authority figure. In fact, there are numerous  benefits of having a business website and we’ll discuss them shortly. While we’re at it, we’ll also talk about why it’s particularly important for startups and small businesses. 

Benefits of having a website


Studies already show 56% of consumers wouldn’t patronise a business without a website. The 21st Century buyer will seek in-depth information about a brand before making a purchase and without a website, it’s impossible to tell your brand story effectively. Your business website is your dedicated space where you can tell buyers all about your products and services, why they need them and so on. 

Consumers naturally expect your business to have a website and will be suspicious if you don’t. A great first impression can last a lifetime, a great website will help you make the perfect first impression and hopefully turn that lead into a lifetime customer.


Every business needs brandingand that branding begins with your website. Most people think branding is just about company logo and colours. Yes, those are important but you also need to showcase them – and that where your website comes in. Your website will feature your logo, your brand colours, images and so on. Then, with your website’s content, you can follow a style that will further enhance and develop your brand. 

Branding is all about creating a personality that customers can relate to. It is the main thing that sets you apart from your competitors and can be reason loyal customers will fall in love with your product or service.


Domain Authority

Your business website helps you position yourself as an authority in your industry while giving you perfect control of your brand. It is the best way to shape the public perception of your business. Social media is great for propagating your message and finding your audience, but a website gives you so much more.


You cannot run a marketing campaign for your business without having an official business website. Where will you send all your leads to?

We live in a time where digital marketing is the norm. There are several marketing techniques available to businesses right now that will help you attract millions of customers within a few days. The end goal of every marketing campaign is the CTA (Call To Action). This is when the customer makes a buying decision or does whatever you want them to do. Without a website, you simply can’t achieve this. That’s why a website is the most important tool for marketing your business in today’s business world.

Every business should have official website, it’s not even expensive anymore. With a few bucks, you can get your website set up and start enjoying the benefits of being a credible business. Whether you like it or not, your competition is making a great website that helps them take control of the larger chunk of the market share. Why aren’t you doing the same?

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