The Top Software Jobs of 2020

The Top Software Jobs of 2020

It’s 2020, and the software sector is booming. You are undoubtedly using some type or probably multiple types of software every day. Every time you pull out your smartphone to make a call, send out a social media status, and especially when you use your GPS app to guide you to that restaurant everyone keeps buzzing about, you are using software.

And that’s just on your smartphone. Most of us use desktop-based software every day, from word processors and accounting applications to the media players that keep our workday playlist bumping through our office. These are just a few of the different types of software we all use every day.

Have you ever wondered who is building and designing the programs that we all use every day? Have you ever thought about what it takes to break into software engineering? 

If you have been considering a new career in the tech industry, but don’t have a formal education in computer science or information technology, you are in luck. While many people still earn a computer science degree by attending four-year university programs, or even two-year programs at a local community or technical college, this is by no means the only way to get started in a new career in the tech industry.

More and more career switchers like yourself are opting for a quicker, more hands-on approach through coding bootcamps. These short-term, intensive programs will teach you all you need to know to break into and succeed in the tech industry, and they take less than a year to complete. 

Depending on which bootcamp you choose, you will have different options regarding the class schedule and tuition payments. Many of these schools offer flexible schedule options that include full-time and part-time in-person classes where you will attend a class with your fellow students, with a live instructor. However, many bootcamps are also offered online. You even have self-paced options that let you learn your new coding skills whenever it is most convenient and from the comfort of your own home.

Several of these programs, such as Hack Reactor’s also offer deferred tuition payments and income sharing agreements (ISA) that let you enrol and complete the bootcamp without making an upfront payment. Instead, you agree to pay back your tuition to the school, but only after you have first secured your first job in your new tech career.

Now that we know where we can learn these new coding skills, let’s take a look at what software jobs you might be interested in.

Software Engineering

Software Engineers build and design the common software that we use every day. Software Applications like email, message, and media players, are all designed and built by these tech professionals. They are typically responsible for creating both the front end of the user experience (UX), which is what the user sees and uses, as well as the back end of the user interface (UI), which is the coding processes and systems that make the user experience run smoothly.

Embedded Systems

You have undoubtedly used an ATM or a self-serve kiosk at some point like check-in kiosks at the airport or a self-checkout kiosk at your neighbourhood grocery store. You might not normally think about the software that is embedded in these machines, but it is actually built specifically for them. The Software Engineers who are responsible for building and designing the software that runs on these stationary, stand-alone machines, are all Embedded Systems Engineers. 


In today’s Internet-centric world, we are almost constantly at some level of risk for our data to be stolen from a database like our bank, school, or even a government agency. The technology professionals tasked with building the security infrastructure that helps safeguard our private information are called Security Engineers. These tech professionals also serve as ethical hackers by trying to break into the current security systems that keep our information safe. This helps identify any security weaknesses in the current infrastructure so that they can be improved.

Software Engineering jobs are growing at one of the fastest rates in the entire tech industry, with expected job growth of 21 percent by 2028. According to Zip Recruiter, the national average salary of an experienced Software Engineer is over $98,000, with entry-level salaries around $50,000.

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