Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing services designed for the Nigerian business

The importance of social media to your brand cannot be overemphasised. Facebook's users alone spend about an hour a day on social media. The figure for Instagram is probably more. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to market your goods and services to them. It now comes down to how you market these goods and services.


Social media is all about connecting

Social media is about connecting and engaging with your customers and your prospects. Before you can sell a product or service, your target market needs to get acquainted with your brand, and social media gives you the perfect way to do that.

Turn your social media to social marketing with UBS Digital

UBS Digital's social media marketing service focuses on building awareness, driving traffic to your website and connecting you with your prospects/customers. We look to create a strong, consistent presence for you on social media and use that presence to attract the right people. The best part of our social media service is that you can be as involved or as hands-off as you want. We are happy to handle everything for you.

Our social media marketing service comprises:

  • Content marketing & campaigns
  • Cross-channel promotion
  • Community management
  • Analysis and reporting

Let's help you connect better