How to Monetise Your Website & Generate Passive Income

How to Monetise Your Website & Generate Passive Income

Having a good website is one of the first major steps to take if you want to make money as a business owner. Your website is your online shop. And just like a physical shop, you can monetise your website to make money in different ways.

Earning revenue from one’s website is something a lot of people aspire to, but not many are able to achieve. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective ways to monetise your website and earn passive income.


Effectives Ways to Monetise Your Website

Affiliate marketing       

You can make really good money with your website when you register as an affiliate marketer for big brands. As an affiliate marketer, you help big brands advertise their products on your website and get a commission if anyone buys through you. You will be given a unique link when you register as an affiliate marketer. And when buyers make a purchase using your link, you will get paid. Easy money. 

Sell digital products

You can also make money with your website by selling digital products to your website visitors. Before you do this, make sure you’ve built a name for yourself in whatever niche you’re focused on, built traffic to your website and garnered a following. Then, you can start selling digital products. This is one of the most effective ways to earn 6 figures with your website.

Google AdSense (pay-per-click advertising)

Most website owners have come to rely on Google Adsense as a way to earn money with their website. Google Adsense is a Pay-Per-Click system where Google pays website owners money for displaying adverts on their website. They pay you for the number of impressions on those ads and per thousand impressions. They also pay for the number of clicks to those ads and for the number of people that make a purchase or complete a call to action using your link. Google Adsense is great for monetising your website.

Sell Ad spaces

Selling ad space on your pages is another way you can monetise your website. Use SEO and content marketing strategies to build your website to a point where it can attract tons of daily viewers. When you’ve achieved that, you can offer to sell ad space for a fee. Very lucrative.

Accept donations

If you run a non-profit organisations, you can use your website to raise donations. This is particularly effective if you have an engaged and dedicated audience because you create socially conscious content. Setting up a donation button can enable you raise funds for your cause.

Promote and sell your own services

Your website is your online office and you can make money with your website by offering and promoting your services through the website. Let’s say you’re a content marketer, you can create a website where you offer your services and promote it to get clients who will pay you money for your service.

Accept guest and sponsored post

If your website gets a lot of engagement and viewers, you can start accepting sponsored and guest posts on your website, for a fee. Some websites accept as much as $2000 dollars for a sponsored post. 

Generate and sell leads

Another cool way you can monetise your site is by turning your website into a lead generator and selling that data to willing buyers. Information like emails and names your users provide to you are needed by other companies for their marketing campaigns.


This is arguably the most straightforward way to monetise your website; sell goods. Building an e-commerce site (and business) requires a little bit more investment in terms of time and funds, but the yield is also significant. Simply find a product that you’re passionate about and sell it on your e-commerce site.


Owning a website is one thing but knowing how to monetise your website is something else. Try out these tips for generating revenue with your site and see how you get on. Don’t forget to give us feedback

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