Google My Business: The Online Tool You’re Underutilising

First of all, what is Google My Business?

Google My Business is Google’s online tool for creating and managing your online presence across Google. With it, you can create a free business listing, create/manage ads, interact with your customers and do so much more. It’s free, easy to use and accessible both via web and mobile.

So, the question is: why don’t you have a Google My Business profile?

If you think you don’t need one, well… actually, you do. Let’s share some reasons why you do:

  1. If you run a business in 2019, you ought to have some form of an online presence. In addition to having a proper website, you need to be searchable (and findable) on Google.
  2. Why Google? Because Google has 90.5% of the search engine market share worldwide and the average person conducts 3-4 searches on Google every single day. Thus, your customer is probably already using Google.
  3. It’s Free!

So, how do you get your Google My Business profile?

You’re in luck! We’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you create one.

Step 1: Create your Google profile 

If you have a Gmail account, you can skip this step. Otherwise, follow this link to create your google account.

Step 2: Head over to Google My Business homepage to get started.

Step 3: Add your business name

For the sake of this article, we will create a demo business called “Decadent Desserts”. Decadent Desserts is a dessert shop located in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria… in the same building as UBS Digital ?.

blankStep 4: Add your location(s)

Your locations include your business address (if you have a physical location) and the area(s) you serve.


blankInclude your business category and contact details. Then, get verified.


blankIn order for Google to verify your physical location, they’ll send you a postcard. It may take up to 14 days for it to arrive. Within that postcard is a verification code. Once you have that code, you can come back to the Google My Business platform and verify your business. Note that you’ll need to verify your business before you can do certain things on the platform.

Step 5: Optimise your profile with proper information about your business

  • Add your logo
  • Add a detailed description of your business
  • Confirm your contact details
  • Add a label where necessary: if your business has more than one physical location (e.g. if you have branches), you can label each listing.



Step 6: Spice up your profile with some pictures and videos

You can update your logo and your cover image. You can also add images of your business, including images from your location – interior and exterior, as well as, photos of your team at work.


Step 7: Add some products

You can add your products with their prices, and you can even group them into collections. For example, if you have an online boutique, you can have a collection for shoes, another for tops, and another for accessories. For Decadent Desserts, we’ve created a collection for cakes and another for fruit desserts.


Step 8: Create your first post

Just want to say hello to your new fans? Would you like to create an offer? Or maybe you want to publish an event? You can do all of that with a post.


There you go; you have your Google My Business listing. Once you’ve verified your listing, you’ll be able to get reviews, get insight into your business and do much more.

That said, this is not the end of the road. Rather, it’s only the beginning. With online marketing, engagement is everything. So, you need to post often, respond to customer reviews, add photos as often as possible and keep your profile fresh.

Do let us know if you run into any issues and would like some assistance.

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