Discover the power of Landing Pages

Discover the power of Landing Pages

As the name implies, a “landing” “page” is a simple structured web page. It is a page visitor “lands” after expressing interest in several forms of advertising from social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), a search engine result (like Google), an email, or a website homepage.

Landing pages are tailored to targeted visitors, targeted messages, or targeted products. This page contains straight-to-the-point information without much navigation or other distractions. The focus of the landing page is to increase the conversion rate.

Understanding conversion rates.


Conversion rate is the percentage of users who take the desired action on a webpage. It measures what happens once your website has a visitor. Conversion rates are measured by your business’s key performance indicator (KPI). These indicators include registering on your website, making a purchase, signup for a subscription, completing and submitting a form, downloading something (Apps, eBooks, etc), calling your business, etc. Click here to learn more on conversion rates.

Landing page vs website home page

Differentiating a landing page can sometimes be difficult as they have more similarities than differences. For better understanding, we will be differentiating them via 3 features.

FeaturesLanding pageWebsite homepage
NavigationContains minimal or no navigation or distractions.Contains a lot of navigation/distractions as a bit of everything is introduced on the homepage.
ContentProvides direct information. It can be seen as a “question” and “answer” segment.Provides general information.
Call to Action (CTA)Contains strong and simple CTAs, making them goal-oriented.Contains multiple CTAs.

Why do you need landing pages?

  1. They leave a good first impression and improve brand awareness.
  2. They generate more conversions, leads, and customer databases.
  3. They promote new services and products.
  4. They are direct and to the point.
  5. They increase your search traffic.
  6. They make the buying process more efficient.

Categories of landing pages.

There are three main categories of a landing page:

  1. Internal website landing pages: this category is the most popular type for e-commerce websites. It includes homepages and product detail pages.
  2. Microsite: this category of landing pages is usually created to supplement the main website.
  3. Standalone landing pages: this category contains popular landing page types like click-through, squeeze page, about page, e.t.c.

Use the right landing page.

There are over 20 types of landing pages. These pages are unique and perform different tasks. In this article, we will discuss the 4 frequently used. They include:

  1. Squeeze landing page: Also known as an “opt-in page” landing page, this type of landing page is often used to collect leads through forms. This page can be called a bribe landing page as it allows a visitor to fill in their contact details in exchange for downloadable content like guides, eBooks, or free trials.
  1. Click-through landing page: This type of landing page is a simple page that directs your visitors to their requests. This page showcases the benefits or features of your product or services.
  1. “Login” landing page: This type of landing page is a simple standalone web page with only one conversion goal: to generate signups for a service. This page allows your website visitors to enter a username/email address and a password to log into a website. If the username/email does not exist, the visitor is requested to sign up.
  1. “Product page” landing page: This landing page is mostly used by e-commerce stores as it showcases products, their features, and their prices during an event, festive period, or discount sale period. After the event has passed, the page is usually taken down.

Having one or more landing pages is one of the best investments that you can make for your business.   

If you are looking for other types of landing pages and the right one for your business, check out our article on “Selecting the right landing pages for your business” or get in touch with one of our experts. We would love to chat with you right now!

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