A Guide to Writing Better Sales Emails using the AIDA model

A Guide to Writing Better Sales Emails using the AIDA model

We’ve already established that email marketing is probably the best digital marketing tool in terms of ROI. We also talked about how you can improve your email engagement by using the AIDA model. Today, we’re going to explore how to use this AIDA model to write better sales emails.

First of all, what is AIDA?

AIDA stands for:

A – Attention

I – Interest

D – Desire

A – Action

The AIDA model is one of the longest-serving models in marketing and advertising. It is effective because it walks your audience through the natural process of making a purchase decision – grabbing their attention, piquing their interest, making them want what you’re selling, and then giving them the means to get it.

Now, let’s look at how you can put this model to good use in your email marketing campaigns.


Writing Better Sales Emails with AIDA

Step 1: Establish your purpose

Establishing your purpose right at the beginning and writing it down will help you stay on track. If you’re ever tempted to veer off topic, this will bring you right back on course.

Here’s an example: Say you run a travel & immigration agency and you want to push your Canada Immigration program.

Your purpose: Get subscribers to hire us as their Canada Immigration consultants

If you find yourself writing about anything other than Canadian Immigration (i.e. you start talking about UK immigration, Canadian study visas, etc.), you know you’ve veered off track.

Step 2: Write a compelling subject for your email

Your audience needs to be interested enough in your proposition, to open your email. If they don’t open your email at all, then the next few steps are of no use to you. You need to compel them to open your email.

Characteristics of a compelling subject line:

It should be:

  1. Unique
  2. Specific
  3. Useful
  4. Short (as possible)
  5. Urgent (a great subject line conveys some form of urgency)

This Quicksprout article goes into a lot of detail about how to write attention-grabbing headlines. You should check it out.

Your subject line: Start a new life in Canada within 6 months

Pro tip: write down a few subject lines – 3 to 5. See what works best.

Step 3: Grab your reader’s attention with your first paragraph

Your first paragraph is the ‘Attention’ part of the AIDA model. This where you grab your reader’s attention and make them want to read the rest of your email.

Opening sentence: Do you know that Canada is looking to welcome more than a million immigrants over the next two years?

If your reader was considering relocating to Canada, that would instantly, grab their attention. This works for any industry. The trick is to know your target audience: understand their pain points and this will help you create attention-grabbing headlines.

Step 4: Pique their interest

Now that you have your reader’s attention, you need to find a way to hold their interest – make them curious about what you’re selling. You can do this using statistics and interesting facts.

Interest statement: As a Canadian Permanent resident, you can live and work anywhere in Canada. You’re also entitled to free healthcare and education up to secondary school. Plus, you can become a citizen after 3 years.

That certainly sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Step 5: Make them desire what you’re selling

Now that they’re interested in what you’re selling, go ahead and make it more desirable. You can do this by talking about the benefits of your product. You can also use testimonials to buttress your point.

Sally, who joined our program in 2015 became a Canadian citizen in January. John signed up with us in August of last year. Today, he lives in Calgary with his family. If you start your application today, you too can be living and working in Canada before the end of the year.

Now, you’ve painted a great picture and given your reader something to aspire to.

Step 6: Show them how to take action

Do you think your readers want/need your product at this point? Yes. Now, show them how to get it. A Call-to-Action tells your readers the next step(s) they need to take.

Follow the link below to subscribe to our service
Call 0800-CANADA-IMMIGRATION to talk to a consultant today

There you have it. You’ve walked your reader through the process of making a purchase decision.

Closing thoughts

For this model to be effective, YOU MUST KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. Your sales message is only effective with your target audience. So, take time get to know your audience. Learn their pain points and where they go to look for solutions. This will help you sell better to them.

That said, if you’d like a copy of this AIDA template, you can download it here. If you’d like to talk more about writing better sales emails, leave a comment. Lastly, if you want us to help you write those sales emails, leave us a message.

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