2019: The Year in Review

2019: The Year in Review

2019 has been an amazing year. With you backing us, we’ve been able to achieve (and in some cases, exceed) our targets for the year. For this and many other reasons, we want to start off by saying, “Thank you”. Without you, there’s no UBS Digital. You are literally the reason we get up and go to work in the morning.

That is why we’d like to give you a little breakdown of what we (you and us together) achieved this year, 2019.

2019’s wins

1. We grew our email list by 3000%

For some people, that may not seem like a huge number, but for us, it is. We’ll be honest; we haven’t paid enough attention to our mailing list in the past. Thus, at the start of the year, we made it one of our KPIs. We’re pleased to inform you that our community has grown over the year, and is still growing.

2. We launched the UBS Digital Internship

At the start of the year, one of the major things we wanted to do was help more young people find their feet in the digital marketing industry. In effect, we began an internship program to help young people gain digital skills like copywriting, content development, web design, social media marketing and more. We had 7 interns go through our system in 2019.

Hopefully, in 2020, we can grow this initiative even more.

3. We fostered some great partnerships

As a team, we’re big on collaboration. That is why we were very excited to add a number of organisations to our list of partners. Through partnerships with Baniwal Infotech, OneDebos and SmartBizNation, we’ve been able to expand our reach and expertise to cover more areas. This also means we can offer better, more comprehensive services in the future.

4. We worked on some really cool projects

This is not to say that other projects were not cool. But some of these projects challenged us in ways we didn’t expect, thus, we were able to learn more, and as a result, grow. Also, while working on these projects, we got to interact with some amazing people. That is why they are really special to us. We’re looking forward to working on a few more of these in 2020.

Bonus: Our founder’s feature in the SME Digest.

For some, this may not be a big deal. But for us, it is. We’re grateful that our team (if one of us is recognised we’re all recognised 😁) is being recognised for what we’re doing in the SME market.

Lessons learned

1. Everything will happen in its time.

This was a huge lesson for us. When we kicked off the year, there were many goals we hoped to achieve at certain times. However, some of them didn’t pan out like that. We had to wait longer than expected for some things to materialise, and some still haven’t materialised yet. And that’s ok. Some things take a little longer to come to fruition. Trust the process.

2. Charity begins at home/Practice what you preach

This was scathing for us. We realised that we spent a lot of time teaching businesses what to do online (and helping them do it), but not doing the same for ourselves. We neglected our own online offerings, especially our social media platforms and that’s terrible. Our goal is to do better in the future.

This list of wins vs. lessons learned is hardly conclusive. That said, one things stands out to us: 2019 was a good year. We can only hope 2020 will be better.

Wishing you the best in the new year!

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